Best of 2016

Attempts at bravery

2016 will, for most, be remembered as the year with the seemingly never ending list of high profile celebrity deaths and bizarre political decisions… but for me it was pretty awesome to be fair, my busiest year yet getting to travel all over country documenting love stories. Thousands of miles and clicks of my camera, weeks of near endless rain, incredible sunsets, emotional speeches that could bring you to your knees… for me 2016 was an absolute beaut which I shared with 36 couples at the start of their new lives together. It doesn’t get much better than that. So to all my 2016 couples, thank you, thank you, thank you… for letting me into your lives and being able to tell your stories with my images. You blooming legends ya!

There are two people that deserve a massive thanks for their support during this mammoth year, my beautiful wife Jade for her continued advice and encouragement… and for just putting up with me in general. Also my photography bestie Jonathan Coates who’s helped shape and develop me as photographer, long may our friendly competition push us harder and further brah!

To round up the year I have put together a collection of my favourite images, a fellow photographer recently describe my work as ‘brave’ perhaps the biggest compliment I think I could receive. I am never satisfied with ‘safe’ or ‘pretty’, I want to create images that make my couples feel something and often pushing yourself to see past the obvious does take guts… but the result is always worth it.

So here it is my 2016, my attempts at bravery:

best-of-2016_0001 best-of-2016_0003 best-of-2016_0004 best-of-2016_0005 best-of-2016_0006 best-of-2016_0007 best-of-2016_0008 best-of-2016_0009 best-of-2016_0010 best-of-2016_0011 best-of-2016_0012 best-of-2016_0013 best-of-2016_0014 best-of-2016_0015 best-of-2016_0017 best-of-2016_0018 best-of-2016_0020 best-of-2016_0021 best-of-2016_0022 best-of-2016_0023 best-of-2016_0024 best-of-2016_0025 best-of-2016_0026 best-of-2016_0027 best-of-2016_0028 best-of-2016_0029 best-of-2016_0030 best-of-2016_0031 best-of-2016_0033best-of-2016_0034 best-of-2016_0035 best-of-2016_0036 best-of-2016_0037 best-of-2016_0038 best-of-2016_0039 best-of-2016_0040 best-of-2016_0041 best-of-2016_0042 best-of-2016_0043 best-of-2016_0044 best-of-2016_0045 best-of-2016_0047 best-of-2016_0048 best-of-2016_0050 best-of-2016_0051best-of-2016_0052 best-of-2016_0053 best-of-2016_0054 best-of-2016_0055 best-of-2016_0056 best-of-2016_0057 best-of-2016_0058 best-of-2016_0059 best-of-2016_0060 best-of-2016_0061 best-of-2016_0062 best-of-2016_0063 best-of-2016_0064 best-of-2016_0065 best-of-2016_0066 best-of-2016_0067 best-of-2016_0068 best-of-2016_0069best-of-2016_0070 best-of-2016_0071 best-of-2016_0072 best-of-2016_0073 best-of-2016_0074 best-of-2016_0075 best-of-2016_0076 best-of-2016_0077 best-of-2016_0078 best-of-2016_0079 best-of-2016_0080 best-of-2016_0081 best-of-2016_0082 best-of-2016_0083 best-of-2016_0084 best-of-2016_0085 best-of-2016_0086 best-of-2016_0087best-of-2016_0088 best-of-2016_0089 best-of-2016_0090 best-of-2016_0091 best-of-2016_0092 best-of-2016_0093 best-of-2016_0094 best-of-2016_0095 best-of-2016_0096 best-of-2016_0097 best-of-2016_0098 best-of-2016_0099 best-of-2016_0100 best-of-2016_0101 best-of-2016_0103 best-of-2016_0104 best-of-2016_0105best-of-2016_0106 best-of-2016_0107 best-of-2016_0108 best-of-2016_0109 best-of-2016_0110 best-of-2016_0111 best-of-2016_0112 best-of-2016_0113 best-of-2016_0114 best-of-2016_0115 best-of-2016_0116 best-of-2016_0117 best-of-2016_0118 best-of-2016_0119 best-of-2016_0120 best-of-2016_0121 best-of-2016_0122 best-of-2016_0123

…and there it is. Thank you so much for looking, 2017 is going to be even bigger with awesome weddings all over the country and also further afield (woohoo!) so to all my future couples I can’t wait to see you all, and thank you for choosing me to capture your big day! 2017 let’s do this!


  1. Ah man, talk about frozen moments! LOVED looking through these Roo. Theres a feel of significant insignificance in some of these photos – either way they stop you in your tracks. Brilliant x

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